• Daniel D.

    Daniel D.

  • Alexander Verbeek

    Alexander Verbeek

    Institute for Planetary Security | Diplomat | Associate SEI & SIWI | Yale World Fellow | Public Speaker | Photographer | Energy-Water-Food | Innovation| Climate

  • Brian Knight

    Brian Knight

    Husband, Father, Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center Opinions = my own.

  • Travis Korte

    Travis Korte

    Methods, metaphors, futures. Data/prototyping for complex systems. Ex-@hackforla, @lacity, @datainnovation, @huffpost. Send me a weird diagram.

  • Lisha Ruan

    Lisha Ruan

    What are some questions you've been thinking about lately? | CS student @Princeton, curious about lots of things.

  • Almanis


    Delivering crowd sourced forecasts on future global events. Join our community for free & earn financial rewards for your #predictions #crowd #forecasts

  • boniboniboni



  • Zack Haddad

    Zack Haddad

    I work as an IT trainer currently. I am infatuated by the seemingly complex universe but I am equally infatuated by the simplicity of the building blocks.

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